Virtual Receptionist (IVR) Direct and customized call handling

Handle more calls, make processes automatic and manage your teams better with the integration of IVR flows.

· Create and activate the service in few steps
· Include interactive menus, audio and call transfers
· Associate handling teams to each flows

· Identify the value of each contact based upon the flow’s choices
· Forward more qualified calls to specialized handling
· Direct users to specific pages on your site or other channels

· Record or import your own audio messages
· Use audio messages or music in the waiting menus
· Include informative messages in the interactive menus

· Distribute call handling among teams
· Define handling rules according to teams or operator
· Manage your operations more efficiently

Boost sales by assigning operators to specific calls.

Increase the number of handled calls by implementing more agile, informative flows.

Improve client satisfaction, boost sales, save time and free up resources.

What our clients say


We found in Bytalk a partner that we can connect. It has an agile and professional team. A product that’s simple and powerful. It’s a company focused on the client and technology.

Manuel de Rezende Pinto, Partner at MSIS



Bytalk has become a very important partner, especially during the pandemic. We’ve grown even closer to our users. Wherever you are, a single click is all you need to get advice from your Holon pharmacist. Bytalk has bridged the gap and expanded our availability, in order to be able to help those who need us the most.

Farmácias Holon


We started using the Bytalk platform a little over a year ago. We felt the need to develop a linked communication strategy between all groups that maintained a relationship with Doctors of the World, and the result was Bytalk. Nowadays, we’re able to perform centralized contact management and keep communication focused yet customized towards all publics. In operational terms, working with the platform could not be easier! It’s totally user friendly and its dedicated team is available to help whenever we need their assistance.

Andreia Padre

Médicos do Mundo


Bytalk was the ideal solution to improve the communication experience between our partners (Beauty Salons) and our end users: it’s user friendly, customized to our needs and boasts great customer service.

André Calado, New Business, Retail & Key Account Manager



Our experience with Bytalk began in February 2021, and we had positive expectations from the start. The platform fulfilled the club’s goals, and being able to consult the results of each campaign was very important to evaluate their reach. The Bytalk team is always available to clear up any doubts, solve problems or explain other features of the platform. Bytalk makes life easier for companies.

Maritimo Madeira Futebol SAD