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More information about Bytalk

Bytalk is a platform that integrates digital solutions and features in a single location, allowing for multilevel business management, from attracting clients to communication and sales support. It was created to simplify going digital, providing intuitive tools to help all kinds of companies grow digitally in a quick and uncomplicated way. 

At Bytalk, you will have all the features you need to communicate with your contacts (SMS, Email, Chat and Voice Calls) and to manage your business (Online Appointments and Opportunity Management) in a single location.

With Bytalk you can undertake a complete management of your digital business. Bytalk’s solutions can be divided in:

  • Online Appointments
  • Online Client Support:SMS, Email, Chat, Click to Call Service
  • Call Management: Voice calls, Contact Center, Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

You can also access our Opportunity Manager (CRM) to better manage your digital sales opportunities. Everything in the same platform

At Bytalk, you will have all the features you need to manage your business and communicate with your contacts through campaigns, in a simple and accessible way.

It combines in a single platform the most important elements to grow your business: no contact limits, unlimited users and operators, quick campaign creation and much more. Allows you to manage intelligently your contacts, teams and business opportunities. Everything is organized in the same place, making management and work organization easier.

Users e contacts

No. With Bytalk, there is no limit for contacts or contact lists. You can import all your contacts without worrying, seeing as there are no additional costs linked to the number of contacts in your account.

In Bytalk, accounts don’t have user limits. You can create as many users as you need, as there are no extra costs or access restrictions according to the number of users.

If you’re having trouble accessing your Bytalk account, contact our customer service team through the online Chat or send an email to

If you didn’t receive the activation email in your inbox for some reason, check your “Spam” folder. If you still can’t find the email in either of the inboxes, you should contact our customer service team: you can contact us through the Chat at the Bytalk site or send an email to

After the 14 day free trial, you can continue using our services through a paid plan that’s appropriate for your business, or keep a free account with access to our basic services.

To retrieve your password, head to Bytalk’s Login page and click “Retrieve Password”. An email will be sent with all the information you need to reset your password and access Bytalk again.

More information about solutions and features

No. Changes or edits to existing appointments are not charged.

Yes, you can add appointments manually. This way, our digital schedule will let you bring together all your appointments, both the online appointments made by clients and the ones you’ve added.

Bytalk lets you create SMS and Email Marketing, Click to Call, Chat and Newsletter Subscriptions. At Bytalk we’re always working with our clients to expand and improve the solutions we offer. But don’t worry: whenever we have news (good news) we’ll contact you by email.

Of course. Bytalk is more than an SMS or Email platform, or a Chat tool. With Bytalk, you can manage your entire digital business and develop multiple campaigns in various channels. You can also optimize your schedule with our Online Appointments service, provide quick and efficient customer service and completely manage your call handling system. Besides all these features, Bytalk also makes it possible to import all your contacts, without any restrictions or additional costs.

Yes. Bytalk has an integrated voice call service, that allows users who have activated the service to call and be called by their contacts.

More information about plans and price lists

Yes. When you subscribe a paid Bytalk plan, you receive the entire amount in your monthly balance, which you can use in the platform.

Yes. You can add extra funds for Bytalk services at any time. 

You can change your plan at any time in the Service App of our platform. Select the plan you want and start using your new features.

We accept credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard). If you can’t access this payment method, contact our customer service team to get to know the alternatives. 

To access your plan, contact our customer support team using the email

More information about Privacy and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation in European law that’s focused on the privacy and protection of personal data. The regulation is applicable to all individuals or economic activities taking place in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Personal data is the set of information that is specific to a person, and make it possible to identify that person. Personal data includes all featureless or codified data that may still be used to identify someone. The following are examples of personal data: First and last name; address; email address; IP address; cookies; phone advertising identifier, etc.

Yes. Bytalk follows all the GDPR requirements. It also follows good practices and international standards for the security, privacy and consent of the data.

Yes. All data processed and saved by Bytalk is stored in European servers, respecting the GDPR.

When you send a Bytalk campaign, you should be careful not to send sensitive or personal data which is liable to jeopardize privacy, be shared by third parties or that you’re not authorized to divulge.